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Mistral Slipstream 12'6 - Technical Racer 23.4" and 26"

Mistral Slipstream 12'6 - Technical Racer 23.4" and 26"

Slipstream 12'6 - Technical Racer 23.4" and 26"

The Slipstream is without a doubt one of the easiest 12'6 boards boards to paddle. It has won races in the United States, including the 30 mile plus Chatterjack race, rident by our handen team rider Seychelle.

12'6' boards are the domain of technical performance where there are very mixed requirements, from flat water, shore break, tight turns around bouys. We have taken these factors into consideration. Not for heavy paddlers, the 12'6 performs best for light to medium weight riders. Favoured by women and light weight men, the 12'6 can often be a quicker option than a 14' board, given certain strength to weight considerations.

The bow and combined displaced hull, gives this board and its sister board (Vortex) the same inverted arch wake, and the typical torpedo way the bow is designed to 'split' the water. Slip stream comes in two sizes.

  • SLIPSTREAM 'PRO' 12'6” x 23.4" x 19.8lbs  (384.50cm x 59.43cm x 9kgs)
  • Optimum paddler weight 175 pounds (80kgs)
  • SLIPSTREAM 12'6 x 26" x 20.9lbs (384,50 x 66,04cm x 9.5kgs) 
  • Optimum paddler weight 187lbs (85kgs)
  • SLIPSTREAM 12'6” x 26" x 20.9lbs ( 384.50cm x 66cm x 9,5kgs) 
  • Optimum paddler weight upto and more than187lbs (85kgs) with added stability.
  • Carbon PVC Layup
  • Leash plug
  • Central US fin box (fin not included)
  • Central handle
  • Nose side handles
Product info:
12'6 x 23.5 Slipstream
Art Number 170.140.126
12'6 x 26 Slipstream
Art Number 170.141.126