Red Dot Evolution


Red Dot boards are perfect first time boards on which to enjoy the exciting sport of stand up paddle boarding. Ideal for SUP schools and rental centers. This series was developed and designed for small waves, cruising and cross training and their generous shapes accommodate all levels of entry. Constructed with a super durable glass composite construction reinforced with double layer glass under the standing area, these boards will help you learn the basiscs of the sport. Enjoy the ride!

Red Dot Evolution 10'0:

Hybrid model designed for paddlers who like to mix catching waves with short distance cruising on flat water. At 34"wide the board is extremely stable so that you feel comfortable during your first paddling attempts. The thruster fin system provides added directional stability across a wide range of conditions and the clear shape with added rocher is designed for maximum fun.

Tail kicker only supplied with the 10'0 model. All Red Dot Evolution boards are supplied with fins, leash insert, windsurfing mast foot box, carry handle, bungee cord inserts and EVA pad.


length 10’0” / 305 cm
width 34” / 86.4 cm
thickness 4.7” / 12 cm
volume 220 L
weight 26.4 lbs / 12.0 Kg
thruster fin set up |Big fin: 19cm | 7'5"| US box | Two side fins: 11.9cm | 4'6"
Red Dot Evolution 10'9:

The Evolution 10'9 board is a high volume Cross model designed for exploring lakes and flat waterways transitioning comfortably between small and medium sized waves. The shape and the construction make this board very durable. The shape of the long parallel rails will give you maximum glide and flow on the water, ultimately providing a great SUP feeling. Its stable dimension provide the inexperienced paddler te security they need in choppy conditions. Super easy to paddle.


length 10’9” / 327 cm
width 32” / 81.3 cm
thickness 5.7” / 14.5 cm
volume 240 L
weight 26.8 lbs / 12.2 Kg
fin Single fin
19 cm / 7‘5“ | US box

Red Dot Evolution 11'6:

This is the star of the Red Dot family: the ultimate expedition board for long haul missions over flat-water, suitably stable for fitness training and very comfortable for heavy paddlers wanting a stable boards. A real multi purpose vehicle. At 265lts this board is popular with SUP schools, rental centers, beginners and the most adventurous paddler. It only takes a few easy strokes to get the 11'6 up and running, even for first time paddlers. 


length 11’6” / 350 cm
width 33” / 83.8 cm
thickness 5.7” / 14.5 cm
volume 265 L
weight 27.5 lbs / 12.5 Kg
fin Single fin
19 cm / 7‘5“ | US box