Mistral Nautique 12'6 - Yachting
  • Fusion Layer Technology
  • Multiple Grab Handles
  • Ideal Yacht and Boat Tender

Mistral Nautique 12'6 - Yachting

11'5 SUP inflatable, SUP for boating, SUP for yachting, SUP tender, SUP mooring toy, inflatable SUP, SUP with many handles, SUP for yacht cruising

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Inspired with a nautical theme, the Nautique takes its inspiration from rigid inflatable boat (RIB) designs. It makes an ideal ship to shore tender, mooring toy or added on board safety craft for big boat owners. We have included multiple hand grab points, deck splashguard, a bump stop nose, slide in fin and attachment points for a kayak seat making for a more versatile craft so as trips to shore in choppy waters is made easier. We've used our fusion layer technology (FLT).

Up to 2 year guarantee
All boards of mistral have a guarantee of 1 year basic and after registration we provide you of a extra year. Also our inflatable boards are be shipped with a pump, bag and a repare kit.

Board specifications

  • 11'5"
  • 12'5"
  • 32"
  • 32"
  • 6"
  • 6"
  • 11.4 kg
  • 12.8 kg
  • 353 lt
  • 394 lt

Key Features

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No nonsense guarantee

We offer a one year only warranty on all boards with the option to extend this to two years subject to registering your board. Once Registration is received, we will send to you an extend Warranty Card which will entitle you to early discounts offered by email.

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