Mistral Kalea Carbon Composite Paddle 3pcs 7.4'' x 18.5''
  • 3pcs Easy storage
  • Padded Travelbag
  • Carbon Composite
  • Easy Travel

Mistral Kalea Carbon Composite Paddle 3pcs 7.4'' x 18.5''

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The 'Vacation' is the perfect light weight, go-anywhere travel paddle, perfectly designed for the traveller and escapist who loves to hit the open road. Neatly fabricated, this 3 piece carbon-composite paddle, is fully adjustable in length for differing boards, paddling situations and individuals. It's longest section is just 79cm in length. The classic teardrop blade face features swim-fin contouring, making for a super positive catch and pull, ideal for cruising and a wide variety of SUP activities where maximum efficiency is required. Supplied with neat padded stowage travel bag.

All paddles of mistral have a guarantee of 1 year basic and after registration we provide you of a extra year.

Blade specifications

  • 3pcs
  • 7.4''
  • 18.5''

Key Features

Shaft Flex
Blade area

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