Colorado 9'4 - River


“Short and nimble, the Colorado has features expected of a board of this nature and a few more besides. All in all this is a neat little board with a ton of personality, the graphics beautifully representing the mountains meeting the cold mountain runoff waters. There are a few conflicting ideas about design for river boards, which seems to be on account of the high skill levels of experts worldwide. We’ve opted for a tri-fin arrangement, which includes smaller 3" removable flexible side bit fins to provide added grip and control in the turns and a central, 4.6" flexible centre fin, housed within a US fin box. While some models opt for quad fins, we felt it important to offer the user the option of a removable central fin, which is favoured amongst many river runners. We’ve included important grab handles in key areas in the nose and tail, a wide-mouthed cargo net for dry bag, leash plug, 4cm kicker-pad for step back confidence and control, high visibility strips for low light situations and an under-side D-ring for towing or securing.”

+ 9’4 x 36” x 6”
+ Leash plug
+ Tail D-Ring (underside)
+ Rear grab handle
+ 4.6" Central flexible fin - US Fin Box
+ 3" Removable flexible side bit fins
+ Central carry handle
+ Bow cargo net
+ Nose grab handle
+ Nose side grab handles
+ Rear kicker pad
+ Rounded nose with ample rocker to minimise nose diving
+ Dual rail reinforcement
+ High Density Drop Stitch (HDDS)

Metric 284.5cm x 91.45cm x 15.24cm x 12.6kgs
Optimum body mass <95kg
Maximum body mass <110kg
Imperial 9’4 x 36” x 6” x 27.7lbs
Optimum body mass <209lbs
Maximum body mass <242lbs
Volume 336L

Board overview

Art Number: 171.700.094