With Bermuda Allround Boards, you will enjoy the SUP experience and have fun paddling with friends and family on a board which provides excellent price/performance ratio for all-water use.

These long-board styled SUPs are ideal for beginners, flat-water cruising, and entry-level and advanced stand up paddle surfing. Super easy to ride and turn, they are surprisingly  fast and work in a wide range of conditions.


Bermuda 9'9
The concave nose of all of our Bermuda boards creates added lift when traveling over water and prevents nose-diving. The boards are design inspired by the classic long-board shape. with a slightly narrower tail, this board glides well in the waves, allowing quicker and faster turns. This is the board for riders searching for the more radical feel of that of a shorter board, while keeping a feeling of stability.
length: 9’9” | 301cm
width: 30.5”| 77cm
thickness: 4.1”| 10.5cm
volume: 145l
weight 21 lbs | 9.5kgs 


Bermuda 10'7:
For more advanced paddlers, a great Cruiser, Wave and Allround board. This board provides the perfect combination of ease of paddling, maneuverability and stability. The flat deck curve gives the rider confidence when paddling. You  can really rip with this board, als in the bigger waves.
length: 10’7” | 326cm
width: 31”| 79cm
thickness: 4.9”| 12.5cm
volume: 170l
weight 23.5 lbs | 10.6kgs