Soft Top Malibu School Boards Various Sizing

Soft Top Malibu School Boards Various Sizing

7' Soft Top Surf Board, 7' Mistral Surfboard, 7' Soft surf board, 8' Soft Top Surf Board,8' Mistral Surfboard, 8' Soft surf board, 9' Soft Top Surf Board, 9' Mistral Surfboard, 9' Soft surf board

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For the best value wave riding fun you can have, our soft top mini mal and malibu surfboards, offer a low impact, economic, entry level to the world of surfing. Ideal learning and for the family and all ages, these practical boards are moulded from EPS foam, with bamboo stringer for stiffness, soft EVA deck and slick-soft bottom. Feature, soft, tri (3) through-deck mounting fins and leash plug. Surf board wax required. Use cord leash only.

* Except for the UK, this product not delivered outside the European Union mainland


  • Soft Top Deck and Slick Soft Bottom
  • Tri Fin
  • Bamboo Stringer

Board specifications

  • 213 cm
  • 243 cm
  • 274 cm
  • 56 cm
  • 59 cm
  • 60.5 cm
  • 7 cm
  • 7 cm
  • 7 cm
  • 3.84 kg
  • 5.0 kg
  • 7.5 kg
  • 53 lt
  • 70 lt
  • 86 lt

Key Features

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