Equinox 14’ x 23” Sup Race Hardboard

Equinox 14’ x 23” Sup Race Hardboard

Equinox 14’ x 23” Sup Race Hardboard

The Equinox 14′ has won many a great race, including the Air France race in Tahiti and holds the record time for on one of South Africa’s famous downwind runs. For smaller confused or choppy waters, the Equinox excels like few others. Downwind, this board is fast in moderate sized bumps (up to 3′) and responsive. Upwind it’s comfortable in handling chop and makes the perfect racing board over waters which demand more of both paddler and board. The board is designed to blend beautifully with the nuances of choppy waters and for chasing ‘runners’.

  • 427 cm
  • 57 cm
  • 22,3 cm
  • 11 kg
  • 331 lt
* This product is not delivered outside the European Union mainland


  • Race board

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