Equinox 12’6 x 24” Sup Race Hardboard

Equinox 12’6 x 24” Sup Race Hardboard

Equinox 12’6 x 24” Sup Race Hardboard

In the world of 12’6 boards few truly perform at a high level of efficiency. This is due to the relatively short water line length. The Equinox 12’6 is a truly fast, nimble and versatile board which is happy grinding the miles over flat water, chasing bumps and playing in the ocean. With a displaced front entry bow the ride feels super smooth coupled with a subtle concave, it picks up runners and bumps with ease. If you are 75kg and under and don’t want to muscle a larger board around, the race proven Equinox 12’6 delivers pure paddling pleasure.

  • 384 cm
  • 61 cm
  • 21 cm
  • ... kg
  • 274 lt
* This product is not delivered outside the European Union mainland


  • Race board

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