Mistral - Cloud Burst 8'2, 8'6, 9'2 - SUP / Surf
  • Tri Future Fin System
  • EVA Diamond Pad Non Slip
  • Kicker Pad

Mistral - Cloud Burst 8'2, 8'6, 9'2 - SUP / Surf

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Our Cloud range of SUP surf boards are an excellent board for the weekend SUP surfer searching for a board that’s super light, tough and fun to ride. With forgiving shape and plenty of width up front, late take offs and control are improved whilst paddling back out to the line up is made easier if your weight is moved forward. A great performing board for the intermediate to advanced rider. Futures tri-fin system, (fins sold separately), deep set carry handle, EVA diamond pad with kicker pad. Sized at 8'2 (Cloud Burst), 8'6 (Cloud Rise), 9'2 (Cloud Nine).

Up to 2 year guarantee
All boards of mistral have a guarantee of 1 year basic and after registration we provide you of a extra year. Also our inflatable boards are be shipped with a pump, bag and a repare kit.

Board specifications

  • 8'2
  • 8'6
  • 9'2
  • 29.25"
  • 30.25"
  • 31"
  • 4"
  • 4.25"
  • 4.4"
  • 6.92 kg
  • 7.42 kg
  • 8.20 kg
  • 111 lt
  • 125 lt
  • 145 lt

Key Features

Pro Level

No nonsense guarantee

We offer a one year only warranty on all boards with the option to extend this to two years subject to registering your board. Once Registration is received, we will send to you an extend Warranty Card which will entitle you to early discounts offered by email.

Customer Reviews
Excellent 4.63/5.00 - Click here to read full reviews