Mistral Tamari'i 6.3" x 15.2"

Mistral Tamari'i 6.3" x 15.2"

Junior Aged SUP Paddle

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This paddle is the best value for junior paddlers, it benefits from it's adjustability and optimal sizing for junior aged paddlers. The carbon composite shaft is strong and light enough to be easily managed. Combined with a narrow gauge (diameter) through the shaft for small hands, it's super comfortable and easy to grip. The blade is made from polycarbonate, a super tough plastic which lends itself to rough treatment and impact on hard objects. From 54.5" to 72" extension.

All paddles of mistral have a guarantee of 1 year basic and after registration we provide you of a extra year.

Blade specifications

  • 2
  • 6.3"
  • 15.2"

Key Features

Shaft Flex
Blade area

Customer Reviews
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